The mission and activities of IESE - Institute for Economical and Social Studies has established itself over a decade and a half of existence around a range of specialized areas of study, research and service provision which seeks to combine the evaluation of Programmes and public policies with the technical basis of economic and social interventions, in many areas where the sectoral and territorial development of public policy tools has contributed to the enhancement of human potential and to promote innovation and regional development.

In the construction and enrichment of IESE`s technical resources, the Institute has sought to combine multidisciplinary scientific expertise (economics, sociology, education sciences, geography, ...) with curriculum experiences that cross the academic activity (teaching and research) with the professional experimentalism, in the fields of management and others. This joint working and gradually fortified, based on processes of postgraduate training encouraged and developed by IESE`s staff, has contributed to consolidating rigorous techniques (construction and development of assessment references and other methodological dimensions) of analysis (diagnosis and prospective), oriented to a continuous concern of contributing for the their practical implementation.

Within a technical-scientific rigor and independence framework, IESE has established with the client entities, including Public Administration authorities (central, regional and local) and private-public entities, profitable relationships with mutual experience capitalization that generates new approaches in both the technical basis, as in the management of public policy tools and/or institutional interventions, approaches which are essential to improving the quality of public policies.

The Presentation of IESE`s curricular skills and accumulated experience, expresses a dimension of a shared heritage that has valued "learning and research in the real context" and represents a commitment to deepening and ongoing renewal of skills and experiences work.